• Past Chair: Will Lynch, Coastal Georgia Section, (presided over 2017 meeting)
  • Chair Marc ter Horst, North Carolina Section, (presides over 2018 meeting)
  • Chair-Elect: Jordan Poler, Carolina-Piedmont Section (becomes chair after 2018 meeting)
  • Treasurer: Tad Whiteside, Savannah River Section (3-year term 2017-2020)
  • Secretary: Herman Holt, Western Carolinas Section (3-year term 2017-2020)
  • Awards Committee Chair: Linette Watkins, Virginia Section

General Chairs

  • Most Recent Completed (2017 Charlotte, NC) - Jordan Poler, Carolina-Piedmont Section
  • Next Future (2018 Augusta, GA) - Chris Bannochie, Savannah River Local Section
  • Next Future (2019 Savannah, GA) - Will Lynch, Coastal Georgia Local Section

The SERMACS Executive Committee, which is empowered by the Bylaws to act on behalf of the Board (Steering Committee) between its annual meetings, comprises the five officers and the three general chairs (of the just completed, current, and nearest future meetings). The Board Chair also chairs the Executive Committee.

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