This web page serves as a resource for the American Chemical Society Southeastern Regional Meeting Board (SERMACS, Inc.). Formerly known as the Steering Committee, the Board selects the location of the Southeastern Regional Meetings, administers regional ACS awards, and provides guidance to meeting planners. Here you will find links to documents, meetings, and other SERMACS information. Please contact Herman Holt (SERMACS Secretary) with your comments, corrections, or questions.


SERMACS, Inc. would like to thank Augusta, GA (Savannah River) for hosting SERMACS 2018. Thank you Christopher Bannochie and your team of organizers for a great meeting. We now look forward to SERMACS 2019 in Savannah, GA October 20-23. Check out sermacs2019.org for more information. Congratulations to Christopher again, as he becomes SERMACS Inc. Chair Elect for 2019 (Chair 2020). Thank you Marc Ter Horst (North Carolina) for serving as Chair for 2018.