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This web page serves as a resource for the American Chemical Society Southeastern Regional Meeting Board (SERMACS, Inc.). Formerly known as the Steering Committee, the Board selects the location of the Southeastern Regional Meetings, administers regional ACS awards, and provides guidance to meeting planners. Here you will find links to documents, meetings, and other SERMACS information. Please contact Tracy Hamilton (SERMACS Secretary) with your comments, corrections, or questions.


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Brent Feske

SERMACS, Inc. Chair 2022

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Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina

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In Memoriam

John Z. Larese


We honor John Larese in his passing for his service to the American Chemical Society and the SERMACS, Inc. Executive Committee.  John served as Treasurer of SERMACS Inc. since 2020.  He was also recognized as a 2020 ACS Fellow for his outstanding achievements in and contributions to the science and the profession and equally exemplary service to the Society.

John was a teacher and scholar at the University of Tennessee Knoxville. His research focused on the investigation of the physical and chemical phenomena that take place on solid surfaces and within porous media. These multidisciplinary experimental and theoretical studies included materials synthesis, thermodynamics, computational modeling and neutron and x-ray scattering.  Their primary focus concerned understanding the microscopic underpinnings of what determines the structure, dynamics and surface mediated reaction of molecules on pure and decorated metal oxide materials. 

His charm and good cheer will be missed. 



Thank you Merck for your contribution to SERMACS, Inc. and the Southeastern Regional Meetings for 2021 and 2022.

What a challenging year for meetings! SERMACS, Inc. would like to thank you for your courage and patience throughout 2020. We now look forward to SERMACS 2021 in Birmingham, Alabama, November 10-13, 2021.
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About Our Chair

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Mary Engelman


Cliff Padgett

Cliff Padgett



The SERMACS Executive Committee, which is empowered by the Bylaws to act on behalf of the Board (Steering Committee) between its annual meetings, comprises the five officers and the three general chairs (of the just completed, current, and nearest future meetings). The Board Chair also chairs the Executive Committee.

  • Past Chair: Brent Feske (Coastal Georgia) – Presided 2022
  • Chair: Mary Engelman – Presiding 2023
  • Chair-Elect: Cliff Padgett (Coastal Georgia) – Will Preside 2024
  • Treasurer: Will Lynch (Coastal Georgia) Term: 2022-2024
  • Secretary: Tracy Hamilton (Alabama) Term 2023-2025
  • Awards Committee Chair: Pravin Kotian (Alabama)

General Chairs

  • Most Recent Completed (2022 San Juan, Puerto Rico) Ingrid Montes, Puerto Rico Section
  • Current (2023 Durham, NC) Katherine Glasgow, North Carolina Section

  • Next Future (2024 Atlanta, GA) Ajay Mallia, Georgia Section


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